Tips to Prevent Hydroplaning

Have you ever driven through standing water in the road and suddenly felt like your car was going out of control? Hydroplaning occurs when more water is building up under your tires than your car's weight can push away, which leads to this often dangerous situation. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided with a few simple precautions.

If you approach a puddle or get caught in heavy rain, slow down, preferably to five to ten miles below the posted speed limit. Try to avoid sudden acceleration, such as passing another car, and using cruise control, as these actions increase the chance of hydroplaning.

Obtaining high quality tires and having them balanced and rotated regularly, particularly if you live in a rainy climate, is a must in avoiding hydroplaning. The Mazda repair technicians at Napleton's Arlington Mazda will gladly assist with your purchase and servicing!

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