Stay Safe in the New Mazda3 Sedan

Fuel economy and ease of handling make the Mazda3 sedan popular with compact car enthusiasts. The Mazda3 is also easy on the eyes. However, Mazda ramps up the safety features in the models we have on display at Napleton's Arlington Mazda.

The automatic high beam control adjusts the headlights when encountering other vehicles on the road. As you turn corners at night, the headlights conveniently pivot 15 degrees toward the turn to heighten visibility.

When backing up, sensors detect possible dangers to the side or rear of the vehicle and provide the driver with audible and visual warnings to prevent collisions. If you should accidentally veer into the wrong lane, the alert system again activates in order for drivers to make the correction. The system also makes minor steering corrections automatically. Braking assist engages when obstacles enter your path. Learn about the many other safety features of the Mazda3 at our dealership.



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