Be Better Prepared in Case of a Roadside Emergency

Taking the time to prepare for potential trouble is the best way to stay out of dangerous situations. If you are ever stuck with a disabled vehicle, consider these tips from the Napleton's Arlington Mazda service team.

When your vehicle has a blowout, never leave the car in a lane of traffic. Ride the rim to the shoulder; it will not do any harm riding for a few feet. Place road flares or safety triangles at least one hundred feet up the road from your vehicle so other drivers are going to be able to slow down in time.

Never assume that when a driver pulls over they have the best of intentions. Stay safe by keeping everyone in the locked car and tell the other driver through the cracked window help has already been called and police are coming.

These tips have been offered by our Mazda service center in Arlington Heights, IL to help keep you and your passengers safer on the road.

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