Is it Time to Switch Out Your Winter Wiper Blades?

Here at Napleton's Arlington Mazda, we know that winter wiper blades increase driver safety. Typically, windshield wiper blades are not necessarily attention-grabbing when discussions are centered around automobile performance, style and features. However, wiper blades are a vital consideration for drivers, especially in regions where all four seasons occur, be it a region where an annual monsoon occurs or the sporadic winter snowmageddon strikes. The basic types of wiper blades are traditional, winter and premium style blades.

Winter blades enhance driver safety as they help retain visibility and reduce incidence of streaking. This is known to cause a blurred view. Traditional blades can build up with ice and snow over time; cold temperatures stiffen the rubber causing it to tear during operation. Winter wiper blades feature a protective rubber coating and sturdy framework limiting ice or snow build-up. Thus, winter wiper blades also have increased longevity. However, like all wiper blades, you'll need to switch out your winter ones at the right time for optimal visibility.

The Mazda parts department of Napleton's Arlington Mazda can assist with supplying you with the proper wipers for your vehicle.

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