Mazda6: Technology, Safety, and Control

Mazda6 is equipped with smart safety features. Safety platforms, which include stopping, preventing accidents, and maintaining control, are stylishly worked into the framework.

The dynamic stability control technology monitors the tires for skidding. When the system senses a loss of traction or control, it takes over the wheel, and then it controls the level of power being fed to the tire. Stability control comes in handy during winter driving conditions or tight cornering.

Brake assist and Mazda’s Smart City Brake Support lessen and prevent front impacts. Sensors are hidden throughout the front end of the sedan. If the platform detects an object coming into range too fast, the system will apply the brakes. If you are already applying the brakes, brake assist will kick in to help you apply them faster and harder. The Mazda6 has many other safety and driving features for you to experience. Stop by Napleton's Arlington Mazda, and our team will set you up for a test drive today.



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