See the Tech Features of the Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 impresses with the technology it has inside of it. When you’re driving around town, you’ll be safer and more connected. Understanding the tech will help you to see the perks of the CX-3 and how it’s different from other vehicles in its class.

MAZDA CONNECT allows you to have access to a full infotainment screen. This is where you can connect to various apps, listen to music, and navigate from place to place. You can also connect your smartphone to take advantage of even more features.

Other technology includes an active driving display so that you can keep all of the most vital information in your line of sight. Quite a number of safety features are available thanks to new technology, too. You can look forward to blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and other sensors that will tell you about traffic.



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